YQ 1022 Silicone surfactant adjuvants for agro-chemicals

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2 YQ-1022 is organic silicone surfactant/adjuvants for agrochemicals. Due to its low surface tension, after adding it to agro-chemicals,
1)quickly and thoroughly enhance the agro-chemical’s penetrability, dispersity, absorption, tranportion on the plant. The spreading area and speed of the agro-chemicals on the leaf of plant can be increased greatly. Especially to those leaves with waxy surface, YQ-1022 can infiltrate and penetrate the plant’s stomatas thus moisten them quickly.
2) By using the adjuvant YQ1022, the agrochemical can be withstand raining-wash, the agro-chemcial can be sprayed even in the
raining days.
3)YQ -1022 can increase the agro-chemical’s spraying area, thus which can save the dosage of agrochemical by 20-30%, reduce agro-chemical’s spraying amount and ultimately save cost and protect our environment.
4)YQ -1022 is non-toxic, environmental friendly adjuvant,

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Appearance transparent liquid or light amber liquid
Surface tension  (0.1%Wt)20.0-22.5mN/m
Specific Gravity (25°C) 1 01-1.03g/cm3
Viscosity(25°C) 20-50mm2/s

Uasage way and dosage- SAME AS SILWET408

1) 、spraying mixture in drum (Tank mixture)
In general, addYQ-1022(4000times) 5g in every 20kg spraying solution. If it needs to promote the adsorption of systemic pesticide, increase the function of pesticide or reduce the amount of spray further, it should add the usage amount properly. In general, the amount is as follows: Plant promote regulator: 0.025%-0.05% //Herbicide: 0.025%-0.15%
//Pesticide: 0.025%-0.1% // Bactericide: 0.015%-0.05% //Fertilizer and trace element: 0.015%-0.1%
When using, first dissolve the pesticide, addYQ-1022after the uniform mixture of 80% water, then add water to 100% and mix them uniformly. It is advised that when using the adjuvant, the water amount reduced to 1/2 of the normal (suggested) or 2/3, average pesticide usage reduced to 70-80% of the normal. Using the small aperture nozzle will quicken the spray speed.
2) Original formulations (stoste)of Pesticides
AddingYQ -1022 to the original formulations of pesticide, we suggest the amount is 0.5%-8%. Adjust the PH value of the pesticide prescription to 6-8. The user should adjust the amount ofYQ-1022according to different kinds of pesticide and prescription to reach the most effective and most economical result. Do compatibility tests and stepwise tests before usage.

formulations of Agro-Chemical  fipronil  methidathion  triazophos kresoxim-met hyl  carbendazol difenocona zole glyph osate cletho dim  920
concentration(%) 2-4 1-3 0.6-2 2-6 1-3 2-6 0.5-2 1-3 2-7

Manily Application

biological pesticide spray mixture liquid such as pesticide, bactericide, herbicide, foliar fertilizer, plant growth regulator, etc,


Package and shipment

Logistics transportation1
Logistics transportation2

200kg/steel drum, 25kg/plastic drum, 5g/pice, to store in a cool place. To prevent direct sunlight, Non-dangerous goods transportation.




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