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    Oxalic acid is an organic substance. The chemical form is H₂C₂O₄. It is a metabolic product of organisms. It is a two-component weak acid. It is widely distributed in plant, animal, and fungal bodies. It performs various functions in different living organisms. Therefore, oxalic acid is often reg...
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  • Tetrahydrofuran


    Tetrahydrofuran, abbreviated THF, is a heterocyclic organic compound. Belongs to the ether class, is the aromatic compound furan complete hydrogenation product. Tetrahydrofuran is one of the strongest polar ethers. It is used as a medium polar solvent in chemical reactio...
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  • Sodium Fluoride

    Sodium Fluoride

    Sodium fluoride, is a kind of inorganic compound, the chemical formula is NaF, mainly used in the coating industry as phosphating accelerator, agricultural insecticide, sealing materials, preservatives and other fields. Physical Properties:Relative density is 2.558 (41/4 ° C), the melting point i...
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  • Ammonium Bifluoride

    Ammonium Bifluoride

    Ammonium Bifluoride is a kind of inorganic compound, the chemical formula is NH4HF2, is white or colorless transparent rhombic crystal system crystallization, the commodity is flake, slightly sour taste, corrosive, easy to delix, soluble in water as weak acid, easy to dissolve in water, slightly ...
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  • Glycine


    Glycine (abbreviated Gly), also known as acetic acid, is a non-essential amino acid, its chemical formula is C2H5NO2.Glycine is an amino acid of endogenous antioxidant reduced glutathione, which is often supplemented by exogenous sources when the body is under severe stress, and is sometimes call...
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  • CAB-35 Cocamido Propyl Betaine

    CAB-35 Cocamido Propyl Betaine

    This product is a bisexual ion surface active agent. It has excellent stability under acidic and alkaline conditions. It presents yang and anionicity. It is often used in parallel with yin, cations and non -ion surface active agents. Its compatible performance is good. Small irritation, easy to d...
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  • Ancamine K54 (tris-2,4,6-dimethylaminomethyl phenol) is an efficient activator for epoxy resins cured

    Ancamine K54 (tris-2,4,6-dimethylaminomethyl phenol) is an efficient activator for epoxy resins cured with a wide variety of hardener types including polysulphides, polymercaptans, aliphatic and cycloaliphatic amines, polyamides and amidoamines, dicyandiamide, anhydrides. Applications for Ancamin...
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  • A chemical consisting of chlorine and calcium: calcium chloride

    Calcium chloride is a chemical composed of chloride and calcium elements. The chemical formula is CACL2, which is slightly bitter. It is a typical ion -type halide, with white, hard pieces or particles at room temperature. Its common applications include saline, road mel...
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  • The price of raw materials such as Acrylic acid, resin and other raw materials,and its industrial chain decline! Medium low level of emulsion market shipment is not smooth!

    The low international oil price rebound has weakened the market for the chemical industry. From the perspective of the domestic environment, although the central bank announced a down to 0.25%, the downstream demand is far less than expected. The cost of the chemical market cost is limited, the d...
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  • TCCA


    Trichloroisocyanuric acid, chemical formula C3Cl3N3O3, molecular weight 232.41, is an organic compound, white crystalline powder or granular solid, with a strong chlorine irritating smell. Trichloroisocyanuric acid is an extremely strong oxidant and chlorination agent. It is mixed with ammonium s...
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