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Magnesium sulfate, also known as sulfur bitterness, bitter salt, diarrhea salt, and diarrhea, is a magnesium -containing compound. The appearance is colorless or white and easy -to -winded crystal or white powder. No smell. There is bitter salty. Handling. Magnesium sulfate lost six molecular crystal water at 150 ° C, and lost all crystal water at 200 ° C. The density of no aquatic material is 2.66, the melting point is 1124 ° C, and it is decomposed at the same time. Easy to dissolve in water, soluble in alcohol, ether and glycerin, insoluble in pyruis. Magnesium sulfate is a commonly used chemical reagent andids. Magnesium sulfate wet compresses have the functions of anti -inflammatory and swelling, which can reduce local tissue damage. Magnesium sulfate wet compress and plastic wrap is an effective method for treating chemotitis. one.

CAS: 7487-88-9

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Pharmaceuticals are used as laxatives, because it can increase the intrauna of the intestinal and cause a large amount of water in the intestine, increase the volume, so it stimulates the intestinal mucosa and promotes the diarrhea effect. Used for constipation, elimination of intestinal poison and deworming medicine. And used for gallstone. It is also used for industrial industries such as tingling, fire explosives, fertilizers, papermaking, porcelain, printing and dyeing. There is natural production. It can be made from magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide or magnesium carbonate.

Magnesium sulfate is an ideal raw material for manufacturing compound fertilizers. It can synthesize complex or mixed fertilizer according to different needs, or mixes with a certain or more element with a certain or more element. Fertilizer, which contains magnesium, is most suitable for acidic soil, peat soil and sand soil. After nine types of farmers, such as rubber trees, fruit trees, tobacco leaves, bean vegetables, potatoes, and cereals, the field fertilization comparison test of the fields of the fields of CHMICALBOOK crops. Magnesium compound fertilizers can increase crops by 15-50 % than compound fertilizers without magnesium. Magnesium sulfate on the pharmaceuticals is laxative, anticonid drugs, magnesium siliconate, oleanycin, acetylpotomycin, and muscle past drugs. In addition, it is used for industrial sewage treatment to condense and settle the waste liquid sewage, so that it meets the pollution standards.






Applications of Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrate

1. In the printing and dyeing industry, this product is made of blue dyeing salt, and alkaline suction agents in the black solution to ensure that the pH value is uniformly stained between 6 and 7. It can also be used as cement fire prevention agent, paper filler, and textiles.
2. Analyze the reagent. Desiccant.
3. Classes. Medicine is used as laxatives. It is also used for industrial industries such as tingling, explosives, fertilizers, papermaking, porcelain, printing and dyeing.
4. It is used as a raw material for manufacturing magnesium salt, which is used to produce veterinary drugs and laxatives, feed additives, fertilizers, etc.
5. For analytical reagents, it is also used in the pharmaceutical industry and printing and dyeing industry.
6. Magnesium -free magnesium sulfate is mainly used in feed additives as supplements for trace element magnesium.


Specification of Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrate




                 White powder Or granule







PH(5% solution)






Heavy Metal( as Pb)




Packing of Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrate

Logistics transportation1
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25kg /Bag

Storage: Preserve in well-closed, light-resistant, and protect from moisture.




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