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Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate (MgSO4·7H2O), also known as sulfur bitter, bitter salt, cathartic salt, Epsom salt, is a white or colorless needle or oblique columnar crystal, odorless, cool and slightly bitter, molecular weight :246.47, specific gravity 1.68, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and glycerol, in 67.Chemicalbook5℃ dissolved in its own crystal water. Heat decomposition, 70, 80℃ is the loss of four molecules of water of crystal. At 200℃, all crystalline water is lost to form anhydrous substance. In the air (dry) easily weathered to powder, heating gradually removed the crystal water into anhydrous magnesium sulfate, this product does not contain any toxic impurities.

CAS: 10034-99-8

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Because it is not easy to dissolve, Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate is easier to weigh than anhydrous magnesium sulfate, which is convenient for quantitative control in industry. Mainly used in fertilizer, leather, printing and dyeing, catalyst, paper, plastic Chemicalbook material, porcelain, pigments, matches, explosives and fire materials manufacturing. Can be used for printing and dyeing thin cotton cloth, silk, as the weight of cotton silk and kapok products filler; Used as Epsom salts in medicine.

Chemical properties: Magnesium sulfate in industrial generally refers to seven water. Crystal for colorless or sloping columns. No smell, bitterness. It is easy to solve water and slightly soluble in ethanol and glycerol.









Applications of Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate

1. It is used for industry, fertilizer, porcelain, matches, explosives, printing and dyeing, medicine and other industries.
2. For steelmaking and ironmaking.
3. Magnesium sulfate is a feed nutritional enhancer.
4. Used as laxatives and bile medicines for diarrhea and duodenal diversion.
5. Used as analytical reagents and media dyes
6. Make food enhanced agent. my country's regulations can be used for dairy products, with a amount of 3 to 7g/kg; the amount of use in drinking fluids and milk beverages is 1.4 to 2.8g/kg; the maximum usage in mineral beverages is 0.05g/kg.
7. Used to print and dye thin cotton cloth and shreds as cotton, silk agitel and kapok products. It is also used for manufacturing of porcelain, pigment and fire prevention materials. It is used as a laxative in medicine. Microbiological industry is a medium, adding additives, supplemented with magnesium for brewing water, and is used as a nutrition source for Chemicalbook yeast. The recipes are enhanced in the tingling industry to enhance heat resistance. Agriculture is used as magnesium fertilizer. Light industry is used to produce fresh yeast, monosodium glutamate and calcium hydrogen phosphate used for toothpaste production. Cement coagulation. The pulp industry, artificial silk and textile industry are also used.
8. Nutritional supplementary agent; curing agent; taste additive; processing additive. Add additives for brewing to supplement magnesium for brewing water as a nutrition source for fermentation to improve fermentation capabilities. Improve the flavor of synthetic sake (dosage 0.002%) Chemicalbook. Adjust the hardness of the water. It is used in Europe to produce "Bolton" beer. It is mostly used with calcium salt for wine mother water. Adding to 4.4g/1001 water can increase hardness by 1 degree. When used, it can produce bitterness and produce hydrogen sulfide odor.
9. This product is used as a tingling filling dose. In the printing and dyeing industry as a thinner of thin cotton cloth. Paper plasma, etc.
10. For laxatives, bile medicines, used for diarrhea and ducts of intestinal intestines.
11. For medicine, food, feed additives, fermentation, industrial, engineering plastics, agricultural fertilizer, daily chemical industry and other fields.


Specification of Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate




White Crystal

Main Content
















Heavy Metals (Pb)




Particle Size(mm)


Water insoluble


Packing of Magnesium Sulfate Anhydrate

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Storage: Preserve in well-closed, light-resistant, and protect from moisture.




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