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Phosphorous Acid is also known as orthophosphate (molecular structure H3PO4), pure product for colorless transparent viscous liquid or square crystal, odorless, very sour taste. 85% Phosphorous Acid is a colorless, transparent or slightly light, thick liquid. Melting point 42.35℃, specific gravity 1.70, high boiling point acid, can be soluble with water at any ratio, boiling point 213℃ (losing 1/2 water), pyrophosphate will be generated. When heated to 300℃, it becomes metaphosphoric acid. Relative density 181.834. Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol. Phosphorous Acid is a common inorganic acid in Chemicalbook. It is a medium and strong acid. Its acidity is weaker than strong acids such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and nitric acid, but stronger than weak acids such as acetic acid, boric acid and carbonic acid. When Phosphorous Acid reacts with sodium carbonate at different pH, different acid salts can be formed. Can stimulate the skin to cause inflammation, damage the body tissue. Concentrated Phosphorous Acid erodes when heated in porcelain. It is hygroscopic and sealed. Commercially available Phosphorous Acid is a viscous solution containing 482% H3PO. The high viscosity of Phosphorous Acid solution is due to the existence of hydrogen bonds in the solution.

CAS: 7664-38-2

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Applications of Phosphorous Acid

The main application areas of phosphates are as follows: metal surface steel pipe phosphorus treatment, formulating electrolytic polishing fluid and chemical polishing liquid; polishing of aluminum products; manufacturing various kinds of phosphate, feed -grade calcium phosphate, manganese phosphate, and potassium of scorch phosphate; pharmaceutical industry; pharmaceutical industry; It is used to make sodium glycerol phosphate and iron phosphate, and regulates acid and alkali when manufacturing penicillin; used to make zinc phosphate as a dental adhesive; plastic for catalyst for phenolic resin shrinkage; dry CHEMICALBOOK agent for dyes and intermediate production; printing It is used to prepare a cleaning agent on the stains on the printing version of the gum printing. The match is used for impregnating the match stalk, which can make the burned match stalks not grayed into charcoal shape, which is safer when used; Furnace life; rubber for the coagulation of the slurry and the raw material of the production of inorganic bonding agent; coatings are used for metal anti -rust paint; the food industry is used as acidic seasonings.
1. It is mainly used for phosphate industry, electroplating, polishing industry, sugar -making industry, compound fertilizer, etc. As a pH, yeast nutrition, etc. in the food industry
2. Mainly used for ethylene hydraulic production of ethanol, high -pure phosphate, medical manufacturing, chemical reagent.
3. Mainly used to make chemical fertilizers, detergents, food and feed additives, flame retardants and various phosphates
4. Commonly used as analytical reagents
5. For capacity and color analysis, etc.
6. In the production of silicon plane pipes and integrated circuits, aluminum film is generally used as electrode lead. The aluminum film needs to be used for photoresses, and phosphate is used as acidic cleaning and corrosion agent. Can be used with acetic acid.
7. It can be used as a nutritional agent of acid -flavored and yeast. It can be used for sour agents for seasoning, cans, and cool beverages. For yeast nutrition source for brewing, prevent mixed bacteria from breeding.
8. As a yeast nutrition agent, chelating agent, antioxidant efficiency agent, and inorganic acid -flavored agent, the acid taste is 2.3 to 2.5, which can be used for composite seasoning, cans, cheese, jelly and cola -type drinks.
9. Wet phosphate is mainly used to manufacture various types of phosphate, such as ammonium phosphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, sodium phosphate, sodium phosphate, etc., and complicated phosphate. Refined phosphate is used for calcium phosphate for feed. It is used for phosphorification of metal surface, formulating electrolytic polishing solution and chemical polishing fluid for polishing of aluminum products. The pharmaceutical industry is used to manufacture sodium glycerol phosphate, iron phosphate, etc., and is also used to manufacture zinc phosphate as a dental adhesive of the dentalbook department. Catalysts for phenolic resin contraction, desiccants for dyes and intermediate production. The printing industry is used to prepare the cleaning solution of the stains on the printing version of the gum printing. It is also used to prepare matchmaking fluid. The metallurgical industry is used to produce fire phosphate fire mud and improve the life of steelmaking furnaces. It is the coagulation of rubber pulp and the raw material for the production of inorganic adhesive. The coating industry is used as metal rust paint.
10. Determine chromium, nickel, cricket ingredients, metal rust -proof, rubber coagulants in steel, and determine non -protein nitrogen, total compulinol, and whole blood glucose in serum. Crystal phosphate is mainly used for manufacturing processes such as microelectronics, high -energy batteries, laser glass and other manufacturing processes, and is used as high -purity catalysts and medical materials.


Specification of Phosphorous Acid



Assay H3PO4


Fluoride as F


Arsenic as As


Heavy Metal , as Pb




Packing of Phosphorous Acid

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Storage: Preserve in well-closed, light-resistant, and protect from moisture.




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