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SODIUM DICHLOROISOCYANURATE :White crystalline powder has a strong chlorine smell, which contains 60%to 64.5%of effective chlorine. Sexual stability is stored in high fever and humid areas, and the effective chlorine content decreases by only about 1%. It is easy to dissolve in water, and the solubility is 25%(25 ° C). The solution is weakly acidic. The pH of the 1%water solution is 5.8 to 6.0, the concentration increases, and the pH changes very small. Solubinating the hydrochloride in water, the hydrolysis constant is 1 × 10-4, and the chlorine T is higher. The stability of the aqueous solution is poor, and the loss of chlorine chlorine is accelerated under the action of ultraviolet rays. The lower concentration can quickly kill various bacteria breeding, fungi, and viruses, which has special effects on hepatitis virus. It has the characteristics of high chlorine content, strong sterilization, simple craftsmanship, and cheap price. Sodium dichlorocyanuricon uric acid is low toxic, and sterilizers are better than bleach and chloride-T. The metal renewal or acidic efficacy agent is mixed with dried powder of potassium permanganate and sodium dichlorocyanuric acid, which can be made into chlorine smoke agents or acid chlorine smoke agents. This type of smoked agent has a strong gaseous gas after igniting.


CAS: 2893-78-9

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Sodium dichloroisocyanurate can be used in drinking water disinfection, tableware disinfection; Can also be used for fruit, egg appearance disinfection, prolong storage period; It is widely used in large area disinfection of flood relief, prevention and disinfection of epidemic infectious disease areas; It can be used in the form of fumigation, water and powder to disinfect silkworm chambers, silkworm utensils and silkworm bodies in silkworm breeding fields and silkworm farmers. It can effectively prevent and cure fish diseases caused by bacteria, fungi and algae, and has obvious effect on fish viral diseases. By soaking wool or wool blended fibers and fabrics with 23% superior chlorine water purification solution and adding other additives, wool and its products can be pall free and feel free to reach the super washable standard issued by the International Wool Bureau.
1. Used as industrial water fungicide, drinking water disinfectant, swimming pool disinfectant, fabric finishing agent, etc
2. Used as a disinfectant, can be used for swimming pool, drinking water disinfection, preventive disinfection and environmental disinfection of various places. Can be used for sericulture, livestock, poultry, fish feeding disinfection Chemicalbook. Can also be used for wool anti-shrinkage finishing, textile industry bleaching, industrial circulating water algae removal, rubber chlorination agent, this product is efficient, stable performance, no adverse effects on human body.
3.GB 2760 -- 96 is specified as processing auxiliaries for food industry. It can be used for disinfecting dairy products and water. Can quickly kill all kinds of bacteria, fungi, spores and hepatitis A, hepatitis B virus. Can be widely used in swimming pool, family bathroom, household appliances, fruits and vegetables and indoor disinfection
4. Used for wool anti-felt shrinkage finishing, with the advantages of safe and convenient use, stable storage. It is also used as an efficient and fast cleaning disinfectant, bleaching agent, decolorization agent and fresh-keeping agent. BasolanDC is potassium dichloroisocyanurate, which can be used in Chemicalbook in acidic or weakly alkaline range (pH4-8) for anti-taping wool. It has good anti-taping effect in acidic range; It gives the wool a good feel in the alkaline range and adds luster. But it can also turn the fabric yellow.


Specification of VAE




White, free flowing granular product, free

of lumps and foreign matter.

Available chlorine Wt. %


PH value (1% water solution) 


Moisture (%)




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Storage should be at cool, dry and ventilate.




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