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VAE EMULSION(VAE) is obtained by gathering ethylene and ethyl acetate according to different proportions. EVA’s English abbreviation represents ethylene composition, VA represents acetate ethylene components. The content is closely related. According to the different VA content, VAE EMULSION(VAE) can be divided into three categories: the VA content is 5%Chemicalbook-40%called EVA plastic, which is mainly used for polyethylene modification, manufacturing wires and cables, thin films, and other molding products and mixture; The VA content is 40%-90%called EVA rubber, which is mainly used for rubber, cables and automotive industrial components. The VA content is higher than 90%, which is called polyache acetate emulsion lotion, and is mainly used for adhesives, coatings, etc.

CAS:  24937-78-8

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Imerys Glomax JDF;ceramic materials, chemicals;Copper zinc ferrite, Zinc copper ferrite, Zinc copper iron oxide;SUBSTANCE H5;TITANIUM OXIDE S;COPPER ZINC IRON OXIDE, NANOPOWDER, 98.&;CHINACLAYCALCINED;Mischoxid (Bi: 1,8/Ca: 2,02 - 2,1/Cu: 3,0 - 3,06/O: x/Pb: 0,34 - 0,4/Sr: 1,91 - 2,0)

Applications of VAE

Add compound glue-1,the foam / layout compound to the special glue, which is a high-quality vinyl acetate ethylene copolymer lotion. It has excellent initial viscosity and mechanical stability. Compared with polyvinyl acetate lotion, its curing speed, adhesion and other application properties can be greatly improved. It has good adhesion to plastic film and aluminum foil, permanent softness to paper-based composites, and a wide range of formulas.

Ethylene-ethyl acetate communist has good impact resistance and stress cracking, softness, high elasticity, anti-puncture and chemical stability, good electrical performance, good biocompatibility, low density, and fillers, flame retardant The agent has better compatibility. EVA is different from the VA content, ChemicalBook from plastic, rubber, to emulsion, and the application range is wide, suitable for squeezing, injection molding, blowing plastic, coating, heat molding and other processing methods. It can be applied to cables. Sealing parts, medical care, insulating film, pipes, plate materials, building materials, electrical accessories, automotive accessories and daily necessities.


Specification of VAE



Content of nonvolatile matter


Viscosity (mPa• s,25℃)


Content of ethylene


Minimum film forming temperature 


PH (25℃)


Physical performance:

Molecular Formula: C18H30O6X2

Molecular Weight: 342.43

Molecular Structural Formula:

Characteristics: The brief description of VAE is to introduce vinyl acetate (VA) group into the long chain structure of polyethylene (PE), in which the VA content is the biggest factor affecting its performance, because VA is a polar group. With the increase of VA content, the crystallinity decreases, and the flexibility, impact resistance and oil resistance are improved. However, with the corresponding increase of its polarity, the compatibility with fillers is increased, and the flame retardancy is also slightly increased.

Packing of VAE

Logistics transportation1
Logistics transportation2

50kg/drum ,200kg/drum; 1ton/IBC;
Storage should be at cool, dry and ventilate.




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