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Xanthan gum, also known as Hanseonggum, is a kind of microbial exopolysaccharide which is produced by Xanthomnas campestris with carbohydrate as main raw material (such as corn starch) through fermentation engineering. It has unique rheology, good water solubility, stability to heat and acid base, and has good compatibility with a variety of salts. As a thickening agent, suspension agent, emulsifier, stabilizer, can be widely used in food, petroleum, medicine and other more than 20 industries, is currently the world’s largest production scale and very widely used microbial polysaccharide.

Xanthan gum is light yellow to white movable powder, slightly smelly. Soluble in cold and hot water, neutral solution, resistant to freezing and thawing, insoluble in ethanol. Water dispersion, emulsification into a stable hydrophilic viscous colloid.

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1)With the increase of the shear rate, the typical rheological properties, due to the destruction of the colloidal network, reduce the viscosity and dilute the glue, but once the shear force disappears, the viscosity can be restored, so it has good pumping and processing properties. By using this property, xanthan gum is added to the liquid that needs to be thickened. The liquid is not only easy to flow in the transportation process, but also can recover to the required viscosity after it is still. Therefore, it is widely used in the beverage industry.

2)High viscosity liquid containing 2%~3% xanthan gum at low concentration, with viscosity up to 3~7Pa.s. Its high viscosity makes it have broad application prospects, but at the same time, it brings trouble to the post-processing of production. 0.1% NaCl and other univalent salts and Ca, Mg and other bivalent salts can slightly reduce the viscosity of low glue solution below 0.3%, but can increase the viscosity of glue solution with higher concentration.

3)The viscosity of heat-resistant xanthan gum has almost no change in a relatively wide temperature range (- 98~90 ℃). The viscosity of the solution did not change significantly even if it was kept at 130 ℃ for 30 min and then cooled. After several freeze-thaw cycles, the viscosity of the glue did not change. In the presence of salt, the solution has good thermal stability. If a small amount of electrolyte, such as 0.5% NaCl, is added at high temperature, the viscosity of the glue solution can be stabilized.

4)The viscosity of acid resistant and alkaline xanthan gum aqueous solution is almost independent of pH. This unique property is not possessed by other thickeners such as carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC). If the concentration of inorganic acid in the glue solution is too high, the glue solution will be unstable; Under high temperature, the hydrolysis of polysaccharide by acid will occur, which will cause the viscosity of the glue to decrease. If the content of NaOH is more than 12%, the xanthan gum will be gelled or even precipitated. If the concentration of sodium carbonate is more than 5%, the xanthan gum will also be gelled.

5)The anti enzymatic xanthan gum skeleton has a unique ability not to be hydrolyzed by enzymes due to the shielding effect of side chains.

6)Compatible xanthan gum can be mixed with most commonly used food thickener solutions, especially with alginate, starch, carrageenan and carrageenan. The viscosity of the solution increases in the form of superposition. It shows good compatibility in aqueous solutions with various salts. However, high valence metal ions and high pH will make them unstable. Adding complexing agent can prevent the occurrence of incompatibility.

7)Soluble xanthan gum is easily soluble in water and insoluble in polar solvents such as alcohol and ketone. In a very wide range of temperature, pH and salt concentration, it is easy to dissolve in water, and its aqueous solution can be prepared at room temperature. When stirring, air mixing should be minimized. If xanthan gum is mixed with some dry substances in advance, such as salt, sugar, MSG, etc., then moistened with a small amount of water, and finally mixed with water, the prepared glue solution has better performance. It can be dissolved in many organic acid solutions, and its performance is stable.

8)The bearing capacity of 1% dispersible xanthan gum solution is 5N/m2, which is an excellent suspending agent and emulsion stabilizer in food additives.

9)Water retaining xanthan gum has good water retaining and fresh-keeping effects on food.


CAS: 11138-66-2  

EC No.: 234-394-2     

Applications of Xanthan Gum Industrial grade

1)In the drilling of petroleum industry, 0.5% xanthan gum aqueous solution can maintain the viscosity of water-based drilling fluid and control its rheological properties, so that the viscosity of high-speed rotating bits is very low, which greatly saves power consumption, while in the relatively static drilling parts, it can maintain high viscosity, which plays a role in preventing wellbore collapse and facilitating the removal of crushed stone outside the well.

2)In the food industry, it is better than the current food additives such as gelatin, CMC, seaweed gum and pectin. Adding 0.2%~1% to the juice makes the juice have good adhesion, good taste, and control the penetration and flow; As an additive of bread, can make bread stable, smooth, save time and reduce cost; The use of 0.25% in bread filling, food sandwich filling and sugar coating can increase the taste and flavor, make the product smooth, extend the shelf life, and improve the stability of the product to heating and freezing; In dairy products, adding 0.1% ~ 0.25% to ice cream can play an excellent stabilizing role; It provides good viscosity control in canned food and can replace part of starch. One portion of xanthan gum can replace 3-5 portions of starch. At the same time, xanthan gum has also been widely used in candy, condiments, frozen food and liquid food.

Specification of Xanthan Gum Industrial grade




Off white or light yellow free flowing powder



Sheer ratio


PH(1% solution)


Loss on drying




Particle Size

200 mesh

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Storage: Preserve in well-closed, light-resistant, and protect from moisture.

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