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N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine is an organic compound with the chemical formula C8H17N.N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine is a colorless and transparent liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents such as ethanol and ether. N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine is mainly used as a catalyst and a rubber accelerator. Intermediate, can also be used for fabric treatment.

Chemical properties: melting point: -60 ° C, boiling point: 158-159 ° C (LIT.) Density: 0.849g/mlat25 ° C (LIT.) Vapor pressure: 3.6mmhgchemicalbook (20 ° C) refractive index: n20/d1. 454 (LIT.) Flash point: 108 ° F Storage conditions: Storebelow+30 ° C.

CAS: 98-94-2

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N,N-Dimethylcyclohex; Lupragen,N100Dimethylcyclohexylamine); N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine (LupragenN100); N-Cyclohexyldimethylamine Dimethylaminocyclohexane; N,N-diMethylcyclohaxylaMine; Cyclohexanamine,N,N-dimethyl-; Cyclohexylamine, N,N-dimethyl-; Cyclohexylamine,N,N-dimethyl- 

Applications of DMCHA

Dimethylcyclohexylamine is used in polyurethane plastics and textiles and as a chemical intermediate.N,N-Dimethylcyclohexylamine has been used:

  • as switchable hydrophilicity solvent (SHS) for the extraction of lipids from freeze-dried samples of Botryococcus braunii microalgae for biofuel production
  • as catalyst in three-component organocatalyzed Strecker reaction on water.
  • N, n-n-di metamoreicide is widely used in hard foam. One of the main applications is the insulation foam, including spray, plates, rubber plates and refrigerated formulas. It is also suitable for manufacturing of hard foam furniture boxes and decorative parts. The catalyst is used in hard bubble products, which can be used as the main catalyst alone. There is no need to add organic tin. It can also be supplemented by the JD series catalyst according to the process and product requirements. This product is also used as an intermediate with rubber promoters and synthetic fibers.

Industrial uses:This amine is used as a catalyst in the production of polyurethane foams. It is also used as an intermediate for rubber accelerators and dyes and in the treatment of textiles.


Specification of DMCHA




Colorless to light yellow transparent liquid

Water content




Color APHA


Storage and transportation characteristics: Library ventilation and low temperature drying; separate storage from oxidants and acids.

Packing of DMCHA

Logistics transportation1
Logistics transportation2


Storage should be at cool, dry and ventilate.


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