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ERUCAMIDE is a kind of advanced fatty acid amide, which is one of the important derivatives of erucic acid. It is a waxy solid without odor, insoluble in water, and has certain solubility in ketone, ester, alcohol, ether, benzene and other organic fluxes. Because the molecular structure contains a long unsaturated C22 chain and polar amine group, so that it has excellent surface polarity, high melting point and good thermal stability, can replace other similar additives widely used in plastics, rubber, printing, machinery and other industries. As a processing agent of polyethylene and polypropylene and other plastics, not only make the products do not Chemicalbook bond, increase lubricity, but also enhance the thermal plastic and heat resistance of plastics, and the product is non-toxic, foreign countries have allowed it to be used in food packaging materials. Erucic acid amide with rubber, can improve the gloss of rubber products, tensile strength and elongation, enhance vulcanization promotion and abrasion resistance, especially to prevent the sun cracking effect. Add in ink, can increase the adhesion of printing ink, abrasion resistance, offset printing resistance and dye solubility. In addition, erucic acid amide can also be used as surface polishing agent of waxy paper, protective film of metal and foam stabilizer of detergent.

  • Chemical Properties: White flake crystal. Dissolved in ethanol, ethyl ether and other organic solvents.
  • Synonyms: 13-Docosenamide,(Z)-;Armid E;AKAWAX
  • E-MICROBEADS: 13-DOCOSENAMIDE;13Z-DOCOSENAMIDE;(z)-13-docosenamide;13-Docosenamide, (13Z)-;CIS-13-DOCOSENOICACIDAMIDE
  • CAS: 112-84-5
  • EC No: 204-009-2
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    Applications of Erucamide

    1. Used for food, clothing and other polyethylene, polypropylene film bags as opening agent, all kinds of plastic products lubricant, release agent and PP production stabilizer.

    2. Used for the synthesis of photosensitive materials.

    3. Introduced into polyp-phenoxyethylene as an acid-sensitive arm, it has been widely used in solid phase peptide synthesis as a new carrier.

    4. Mainly used as an excellent lubricant for PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene extruded films. Resin added about 0.1% erucic acid amide, can accelerate the extrusion speed, the formed products slippery, can effectively prevent the thin film between the plain adhesion, convenient operation. Chemicalbook also makes the plastic antistatic. The product is also used in metal protective film, pigment and dye dispersant, printing ink additive, fiber oil agent, film removal agent, rubber compound and so on. Since it is non-toxic, it is allowed to be used in food packaging materials.

    5. ERUCAMIDE is a form of erucinic acid refined from vegetable oil with low chroma (90 pt-CO) and low moisture content (100mg/kg). Erucic acid amide has excellent smoothness and good anti adhesion properties. By adding erucic acid amide and fully premixed, the friction and adhesion between polymer and equipment and between polymer and polymer can be effectively reduced, which greatly improves the processing speed and product quality of Chemicalbook. Erucic acid amide can migrate continuously and form a film on the surface of the product after molding, so that the product has good smooth characteristics and good anti-adhesion. The mechanical properties and visual effects of the final product are not significantly changed. Erucic amide has lower volatility and higher temperature resistance than oleic amide.


    Specification of Erucamide




    White or light yellow, powdery or granular


    Pt-Co Hazen


    Melting Range  ℃


    Iodine Value gl2/100g


    Acid Value  mg KOH/g


    Water  %


    Mechanical Impurities







    Effective Combined Content

     (In Amides)  %



    Packing of Erucamide


    Storage: Preserve in well-closed, light-resistant, and protect from moisture.

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