Manufacturer Good Price OP200 Epoxy Silane Oligomer CAS: 102782-97-8

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The appearance of OP200 Epoxy Silane Oligomer is colorless to pale yellow transparent liquid, which belongs to epoxy modified polysiloxane. Compared with conventional epoxyxane, it maintains a good epoxy reaction activity and coupling effect. Storage stability is widely used in the fields of modified plastics, coatings and other fields.


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Property properties: density: 0,995 g/cm3, melting point: <0 ° C, boiling point: 184-187 ° C 2mm, refractive index: 1.408, flash point: 110 ° C, proportion: 0.98.


Applications of OP200

This product is suitable for multiple industries, including water -based sealing agents, water -based coatings, water -based adhesives and water -based primer. When used by additives, the performance of the product is greatly improved, such as bending strength, resistant to tension strength, impact strength and elastic coefficient.

When it is treated as a additive, the viscosity of the product is significantly improved, and the fillers are scattered well and enhanced the adhesion. As an adhesion, it can be used in water -based or solvent -shaped coatings and decentralized metal pigment water systems.

2. Suitable for wet or dry methods to handle inorganic face, fillers such as inorganic minerals and fiber, etc., so that the silicide alkoxication of the product surface is modified.

3.Suitable for metal surface treatment. As a metal surface treatment agent, it can provide a good surface modification effect.

4.Can be used in Coatings, Adhesives and Sealants industries.

5.Can be used for modification of WB, SB, HS and Solvent Less systems.

6.Can significantly improve wet scrub resistance.

7.Can be used as crosslinkers in aqueous or solvent-based coating systems. 


Specification of OP200



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Epoxy Silane Oligomer


Colorless transparent liquid

Refractive Index(n25D):




Packing of OP200

Logistics transportation1
Logistics transportation2

210 L Iron Drum:200kg/ drum

1000L IBC Container: 1000kg/ container

Storage should be at cool, dry and ventilate.


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