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Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidant. The solution is commonly known as hydrogen peroxide. The pure product is a transparent liquid, which is odorless and bitter. The hydrogen peroxide contains the combined oxygen atom, so Hydrogen peroxide is strong oxidation and has a bleaching effect, which can disappear various pigments and not yellowish. But Hydrogen peroxide also has reduction. When the strong oxidant exists, Hydrogen peroxide is oxidized and oxygen. Although Hydrogen peroxide does not burn in itself, contact with flammable materials causes severe burning.

CAS: 7722-84-1

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Performance: colorless transparent liquid. Relative density 1.4067. Dissolt water, alcohol, ether, insoluble in petroleum ether. Extremely unstable. In case of heat, light, rough surfaces, heavy metals and other impurities, it will cause decomposition, and at the same time, oxygen and heat will be released. It has strong oxidation capabilities and is a strong oxidant.

Applications of Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

It is an important oxidant, bleach, disinfectant and chloride. Mainly used in cotton fabrics and other fabric bleaching; bleaching and ink removal of pulp; manufacturing of organic and inorganic peroxides; organic synthesis and polymer synthesis; treatment of toxic wastewater; The sterilization and sterile irrigation production line of preservatives and paper plastic sterile packaging materials in front of the packaging; the electronic industry is mainly used as the corrosion of the metal parts on the integrated circuit board, the silicon crystal and the integrated circuit were cleaned.
1. In different cases, aerobic effects or restore effects. Oxidants, bleach, disinfectant, chloride, and rocket fuel, organic or inorganic peroxide, foam plastic and other porous substances.
2. Medical hydrogen peroxide (about 3%or lower) is a good disinfectant.
3. Industrial use is about 10%for bleaching, as a strong oxidant, chloride, fuel, etc.
4. Experimental O2 raw materials.
5.The chemical industry is used to make raw materials for inorganic and organic peroxide such as sodium borate, sodium carbonate, and peroxide. It is used to produce metal salt or other compounds to go out to go out of the inorganic impurities and improve the quality of plating. It is mainly used as a bactericide in medicine. Used as wool, raw wire, fur, fat, paper and other bleach, anticorrosive and preservatives. For industrial sewage and sludge treatment.


Specification of Hydrogen Peroxide 50%



Assay( calculated as H2O2)



Colorless and transparent liquid











Packing of Hydrogen Peroxide 50%

Logistics transportation1
Logistics transportation2

35kg/drum; 1000kg/IBC

Precautions for transportation and storage: Transportation and storage should prevent sunlight from being heated or heated. It should be stored in a warehouse where it is cool, clean, and ventilated, and stay away from the flames and heat sources. The temperature of the warehouse should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Keep the container closed, the container bucket is upward, and it cannot be inverted and falling. It should be stored separately with flammable or combustible or combustible materials, reducing agents, alkali, metal powder, etc. to avoid contact with paper and wood chips. During the handling, it should be lightly unloaded to prevent the packaging and container from being damaged. It is found that the packaging damage and leakage should be cleaned and replaced in time, and the leakage fluid is washed with water. The storage office should have sufficient water and fire water dragon with heart spray device, and should use fire -fire explosion -proof electronics equipment and devices.




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