The second round of promotion of titanium dioxide industry is coming

Following the early February titanium dioxide industry set off the first round of collective price rising tide, recently titanium dioxide industry once again opened a new round of collective price rising tide. Longbai Group, Huiyun titanium industry, Ananda, the nuclear titanium dioxide and other enterprises have announced an increase in the price of titanium dioxide. At present, titanium dioxide industry price increase range is roughly the same, for all kinds of domestic customers up 1000 yuan (ton price, the same below), for all kinds of international customers up 150 dollars.

As of March 1, there have been 20 titanium dioxide production enterprises announced to increase the price, there will be a follow-up letter to publicize the increase. Most of the domestic sulfuric acid method rutile type and anatase titanium dioxide mainstream quotation in 17 thousand ~ 18 thousand and 500 thousand and 14 thousand ~ 15 thousand yuan, domestic and imported chloride method rutile titanium dioxide according to the use of the mainstream price in 21 thousand ~ 23 thousand and thirty-five thousand and 31,500 ~ 36 thousand yuan.

“The market orders in February increased significantly, and manufacturers’ inventory was low. In addition, the price of titanium ore and sulfuric acid in raw materials, superimposed this year’s titanium pink export market is good, and the titanium pink market will usher in two consecutive rises in the year.” Analyst Qi Yu said.

Long Bai Group, a titanium white powder company, answered the reason for the price increase in the investor relationship record record form. Since July 2022, the market demand for titanium pink powder has been sluggish, and prices have followed. Most manufacturers are affected by high costs and affected operating losses. In early 2023, downstream companies in titanium pink are expected to be better, the demand for stocking has increased, and the new orders have been sufficient. In addition, the favorable economic policies have continued to implement, and the demand for downstream market has accelerated the recovery. The company issued a price increase announcement. After the price increase in this round, the company’s titanium white powder sector has improved, but small and medium -sized manufacturers are still at a loss.

Yang Xun, an analyst of Yan Titanium industry, said that the current level of titanium pink powder has led to the pressure of various manufacturers, so he hopes that the desire to rise is strong. There are four main reasons for this round of price increases: First, the price of raw and auxiliary materials such as titanium ore is high, the cost of titanium pink manufacturers is high, and the main driving force for rising prices is the cost to boost; the second is the previous round of price increases. Later, the titanium pink gradually accepted the new price downstream, so the inventory of the supply side was gradually lowered to become negative inventory; the third is that the main downstream operating rate of coatings and plastics has increased large area; fourth, with the optimization and adjustment of epidemic prevention policies, my country’s economy is positive. Gradually recover.

Li Man, an analyst of Titanium White Powder of the Business Club, believes that the price of titanium pink factories take the lead in the price adjustment of titanium pink powder to promote the improvement of the market. At the same time, it is supported by cost, and it is expected that the possibility of continuing to continue to move up in the short term is expected to continue to rise.

Yang Xun said that the current domestic titanium pink prices are stable after rising, and manufacturers mostly observe the latest price policies of large manufacturers. At present, the buyers and sellers of coatings are actively seeking market growth points, and they are also seeking a new idea of cost control of raw materials.

Post time: Mar-14-2023