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Lyrin is a natural high cluster with aromatic structure with the second rich content of nature, and is an extremely important renewable biological resources. The exhaustion of traditional ore resources and the enhancement of human environmental awareness gives the basic research of lignin and the use of Chemicalbook industrialization. Calcium Lignosulphonate is a derivative of lignin.Calcium Lignosulphonate is modified preparation surfactants have flourished in recent years and have made important progress in series. Modified products are widely used in industrial and agricultural production.Chemical properties: Calcium sulfonate is a brown -yellow powder, which has good water -soluble. It has a loose capacity of about 0.35 grams/cubic centimeter. It is an active substance on the surface of the anion, which is non -toxic and has a pungent smell. CHEMICALBOOK uses sulfuric acid wood pulp waste liquid as the raw material. After lime milk neutral, the biological fermentation sugar is concentrated to 50%of the solid content.

CAS: 8061-52-7

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Applications of Calcium Lignosulphonate

Although calciumin sulfonate is a waste produced in the papermaking process, it still has the basic structure of wood quality-benzoopropane derivatives, and its sulfonate group makes it have the characteristics that can solve water in water. Essence Calcium sulfonate contains a variety of hair color groups, and its solid powder is yellow -brown to be tied with yellow brown; calcium sulfonate molecules contain a large number of active groups, such as phenol hydroxyl, cymbal, sulfate, alcohol hydroxyl groups Wait, from Chemicalbook, I have a reaction or a reaction with other substances. The molecular weight and functional group of calcium sulfonate are different. Therefore, it has different degrees of decentralization and can be adsorbed on the surface of various solids. The industrial lignin itself has the characteristics of high molecules and some special properties. It is mainly used in water treatment agents, concrete exogenous agents, dye dispersers, and various complexing agents, adhesives, etc., but the scope of application is still relatively limited.
1. Calcium lignosulfonate can be used as dispersant, emulsifier, wetting agent, etc. It can be used for industrial detergents, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, mildew insecticides, brick making and refractory Chemicalbook materials, concrete, cement, coke and charcoal processing, dyes and pigments, casting, gypsum products, granulation processing, petroleum, electroplating bath, tanning leather, wax emulsion, etc.
2. Used as a concrete water reducing agent. For details, please refer to the water reducing agent My.
3. Used as a bonding agent; a dispersant.
4. Products have been widely used as cement water reducing agents, pesticide suspension agents, ceramic blanking agents, coal plasm dispersers, leather tannters, refractory materials binding agents, carbon black granules, etc.
5. For cement water reducing agent.


Specification of Calcium Chloride




   Coffee powder



    PH value




 reducing sugar

10%  max



Water insoluble matter


Dry matter干物质


Packing of Calcium Chloride

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Storage should be at cool, dry and ventilate.




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